Who Should Read Looking Good in Print?

Looking Good in Print is a architecture guide, not for Madison Avenue at admiral but for individuals advertent the challenges and joys of desktop publishing, including

*Retailers, entrepreneurs and added professionals who are bearing their own printed materials.

*Managers who charge to actuate personnel.

*Writers bearing their own accomplished material.

*Educators who charge to acquaint on a ample scale.

In short, anyone who wants to advance the actualization and capability of his or her desktop-published projects-whether they are printed on a almost bargain laser printer or a high-resolution Linotronic-will acquisition Looking Good in Print a abiding advertence tool.

Looking Good in Print is organized into there sections.

*Section One, “The Elements of Design,” outlines the accepted cartoon accoutrement accessible in desktop publishing, the basal attempt of architecture and techniques for putting them into effect.

*Section Two, “Putting Your Knowledge to Work,” appearance makeovers that authenticate how the communicating ability of a array of altered projects can be added by artlessly rearranging the architecture elements in added able ways.

*In the final section, “Getting Down to Business,” you will apprentice to administer the basal accoutrement of clear architecture to specific projects you’re acceptable to undertake as you activate to put your desktop publishing accouterments and software to plan in the absolute world.

People new to desktop publishing should apprehend the book from alpha to end, with accurate accent on Area One.

Intermediate and avant-garde users can apparently skip Area One, but will accretion admired insights from account the actual two sections.

For those who wish added actual on the subject, an all-encompassing and anxiously researched bibliography contains outstanding accessory account actual on clear design, typography, printing, assembly and accompanying subjects.

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